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Liability Waiver & Registration Agreement

Dancing is a physical activity that can result in injury. In other words, accidents happen. You acknowledge this and accept all liability for the risk you are undertaking by attending classes, dances, and performances. The attendee assumes all risk involved with dancing and assumes all responsibility for any damages they incur. The attendee acknowledges this and agrees not to hold Hot Rhythm Holiday, the Hot Rhythm Foundation, the venue, instructors, or organizers liable for any damages received while participating in this event. In certain situations, attendees may be asked to sign a formal policy and liability waiver prior to participating in certain classes which have a higher risk level. An example would be an aerials class. Refusal to sign such a waiver is a forfeiture of your seat in the class and no refund will be given. If any member of the Hot Rhythm Holiday staff, or an instructor, observes an attendee acting irresponsibly or purposefully endangering others, then that attendee will be asked to leave the event for the duration of the weekend and no refund will be given.

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